We make your space spotless with 100% professional cleaning service

Our professionals use safe and efficient products to guarantee you a perfectly clean and organized place, optimizing your time and significantly increasing your life quality. 


Delita Wyatt
Delita Wyatt
MaryBeth Brown
MaryBeth Brown
I cannot say enough great things about Antonella Cleaning Services. Nayara and her team are amazing and take such great care in their work and go above and beyond. I’ve used other cleaning companies and Antonella is by far the best! Sharing this in case anyone is looking for a cleaning service. Highly recommend Antonella!
dyegoronny Dyego Ronny
dyegoronny Dyego Ronny
great professional, the cleaning was excellent i really liked the work that was done and i recommend it.
Chris Davis
Chris Davis

We believe in our work and guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

Antonella Cleaning Services reinforces the commitment to our clients by offering insurance and also certifying our license in order to perform the cleaning services offered by us.

Cleaning that makes a difference in your life

Specialized team

Our team is highly trained and specialized in residential and office cleaning.

High quality level

When it comes to quality, we are extremely dedicated to delivering the best cleaning for your residence.

Attention and care for your house

We respect your residence as if it were ours. We want to guarantee your comfort and well-being.


If you schedule a cleaning with us, rest assured that we will come on time. We are punctual, after all, we value your time.

How our services work

Booking our services is very simple. Click on the button below, fill out the form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

When we arrive at your residence, we will take great care to ensure that nothing is damaged in the cleaning process. We will clean everything the right way, and when we are done, your house will be clean, smelling good and much more comfortable for you to just enjoy it.

And you? You just need to enjoy your free time doing what you most need or want to.

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Our services

Residential Cleaning

If you had a busy week and just want a break, see your friends and enjoy your resting hours with your family, our Residential Cleaning service will make your house tidy for you. Hire our services and be surprised with your clean and fresh residence.

Office Cleaning

If you come home from your daily appointments and find all of that dirt that does not come out after hours of scrubbing and days of washing and thus do not receive visits from friends because of that dirt that never comes out, then you are in the right place. Antonella Cleaning Service’s Deep Cleaning is the best way to ensure your home has the environment you love most clean, organized and shining.

Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning will leave your space internally clean and free of dirt, virus and bacteria, besides significantly increasing your furniture lifespan

Move in / Move out Cleaning

We clean both your new and old houses with a totally capable and efficient service. We will make your moving easier and take  from your hands a difficult service, that can make you stressed and exhausted

We value your house and well-being

Get to enjoy your moments with your family and rest without having to worry about cleaning your residence.
Hire Antonella Cleaning Services and let us amaze you.

Advantages of hiring
our cleaning services

You can enjoy more time with your family

Hiring our team to do the cleaning means you can spend more time with your family, enjoy leisure moments and finish your most important tasks.

Fair prices

Forget about sky-high cleaning fees! We value quality service at a fair price.


Antonella Cleaning Services works with the goal of performing quality work that satisfies our clients' needs. We understand that every home is unique and deserves a personalized service. We do this for you.

Responsible and reliable team

We are a team that respects your family, the valuables that are in your residence and we value your time. Our team is trained to perform the best cleaning process with the highest work ethic.

About Us

Antonella Cleaning was founded and is run by Nayara Barbosa, who started her company after moving from Brazil to the United States. She is willing to help and serve the community, taking pride in being able to improve the lives of her clients.

Knowing that many people do not have time to take care of their residences, her company offers the cleaning of baseboards, windows, bathrooms, kitchens and other services.

Nayara loves life in the United States – from the beautiful lands to the charming people and her biggest mission is to deliver one clean home at a time.

Contact Us

Choose one of the ways to contact us and request
a free estimate right now. You can send an SMS to the number below or fill out our form to request your estimate.

We serve the Atlanta and Birmingham areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees?

We base our prices on many factors, including the presence of animal fur, overall mess and size of the house.

Will you send the same person every time?

Our company strives to keep the same team that services your home for every cleaning. If a member of our team is no longer working with us, we will contact you in advance to notify you of this and provide new guidelines.

What time does the team arrive?

Our cleaning is personalized to cater to your needs and we do our best until the house is completely clean and sparkling. When you schedule your cleaning with Antonella Cleaning Services, we leave a time schedule along with a window of time in case anything unforeseen happens.

What should I do before the team arrives at my house?

In order to do an excellent job, we ask that you remove any toys and clothes that may be lying around the house before we arrive. We ask that you find a place for your pet to stay so that our team has the necessary space to perform the service you hired.

Can I provide special instructions to the team?

Yes! In fact, this is what we want. Your instructions and particularities regarding the cleaning provide us with the exact information to do an efficient, fast and personalized job.

How much do Antonella Cleaning Services cost?

Our team works with each client to develop a specialized cleaning plan to meet their needs. The cost of our services depends on the size of your residence  and what you want cleaned.

We can also add specialized cleaning services if needed. Check them out:

  • Inside refrigerator cleaning;
  • Complete oven cleaning;
  • Linen change.